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Brands we represent

We represent and market products and materials related to design and architecture, we distinguish from other designers in terms of aesthetics, performance and quality.

These are products that we have explored and used in our own creative process and that we make available for other designers, architects, construction companies, decorators and furniture manufacturers to incorporate into their projects.

A unique combination between the natural qualities of wood and the beauty of colors. Valchromat is a panel of wood fibers completely colorful. A European product, non-toxic, with unsurpassed physical and chemical properties.
Uses and applications: coatings, furniture, kitchen equipment, interior doors, decorative panels, tent equipment, acoustic panels, toys, hotels, restaurants, stands.

A world of colors to imagine and create. Different sizes and thicknesses. High density (HDF) and high strength. For architects, builders, interior designers, designers, to incorporate in their designs and spaces.

We represent and market for Uruguay and Argentina.

For more information: Web Valchromat Catalog

The Viroc is a panel composed of a mixture of wood and cement particles. A European product that combines the flexibility of wood with the strength and durability of cement, allowing a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Possible applications for facades, walls, cladding, furniture, interior decoration, urban furniture, commercial premises, hotels, stands. For architects, decorators, builders and engineers to incorporate in their projects we bring them a product of the highest quality, performance and versatility. Take your projects to another level.

The main advantages of VIROC panels are: Non-toxic - Acoustic insulator - Load resistant - Easy installation - Fire resistant – Water-repellent - Thermal insulator.

We represent and market for Uruguay and Argentina.

For more information: Web Viroc Catalog

Wood protection based on molecular bonding technology.

Rubio® Monocoat is the reference product in quality and respect for the environment for the protection of wood. The advanced molecular bonding technology on which Rubio works® Monocoat makes Rubio® Monocoat oils sustainable, extremely easy to apply.

The European brand of Belgian origin that was born in 1906 and which over the years has been at the forefront of the industry, developed in 2000 the revolutionary technology for its molecular bonding oils.

We represent and market for Uruguay and Argentina.

For more information: Web RUBIO MONOCOAT Catalog

Thin plates and boards.

The art of combining the footprint of time.

We work with fine wood: with what is born in forests that live, breathe and nourish our planet.

We have more than 100 different species, from all over the world.

Our woods have been carefully selected. In addition, this natural raw material is extracted from forests in a sustainable way: we only work with those who are certified for friendly logging.

We offer attentive work, technically impeccable and able to adapt to the needs of any client.

For more information: Web OYOSA Catalog

For additional information and proposals for any of these products, please contact us and we will provide technical assistance.